Japanese based Microsoft launched its third gaming console late last year and sales have been stellar for a number of reasons. Mainly Microsoft’s sales has been gaining due to the release of any popular games as well as drastic updates to the gaming console system. Features that are now powered by Windows 10 operating system have skyrocketed sales of Microsoft’s Xbox one over the popular console by Sunny called the PlayStation 4.


Here are several reasons why you should buy an Xbox one if you don’t already own the console yet.


  1. Get Rid of All the TV Accessories


With the new Xbox one you no longer need all those extra little Devices and boxes attached to your television set. Now that the Xbox one supports streaming devices and applications like Amazon video, ESPN, Netflix, Hulu and other online streaming services you now no longer need each individual device. You can enjoy television shows directly to your Xbox One gaming console. Also, the Console now supports Skype calls. You have to have the Kinetic attachment in order to be able video chat but that’s a small price to pay for such an incredible feature.


  1. It’s Powered By Windows 10


Windows world is now the driving force behind the Xbox one gaming console. Basically this means the Xbox one console will be way faster and we’ll have many more features with the use of voice commands through the console. Another advantage been a Windows power machine is that you can now stream to any Windows based Computer or tablet all of the games that you have on your Xbox one.


  1. You Can Play All of Your Old Games on the New Xbox One Console


Now you can now play Xbox games on the new Xbox One gaming console. All of those games you loved to play on the older devices are now completely compatible with the newest unit. Any downloads you had purchased and all hard copies of video games previously owned will now appear on your new system and inside of your new Xbox One gaming account. For instance, if you insert an older disc that you bought five years ago, Xbox One will see that copy and automatically download the compatible version to your new gaming experience.


  1. You’ll Be Able to Watch TV on the Xbox One


Yes that’s correct. You’ll now be able to stream television networks such as CNN, NBC, CBS, ESPN and many others. With subscriber services and video on demand, the Xbox One pretty much allows a large selection of popular TV shows and network syndication for as little as $20 a month.


There are of course a slew of other features that we will discuss in future posts. For now, mull over these great new features and check out the new Xbox One