The Graphics War Behind The Nintendo Wii

The Graphics War Behind The Nintendo Wii

It appears like whenever I skim the latest issue of a gaming journal or start to browse any type of web site with the “top/latest pc gaming news” they seem to be rambling repeatedly about how extremely realistic or jaw-dropping the graphics are. As a matter of fact, it looks like there’s lots of games around who are foregoing the quality that made the games preferred rather than producing video games with the highest quality graphics or the most realistic look available. Do not get me wrong, I enjoy a game that looks nice just as much as the next guy, but as great as good graphics are, they shouldn’t be the sole marketing point for a video game.

This is where the Wii really takes the lead in the console race, despite its reduced graphical capabilities, Nintendo constantly puts out amazing games. For instance, out of the “Big 3” which of these gaming consoles has even more ready a number of synchronised players (and I don’t mean over an on the internet network) than any other? Hands down, it’s got ta be the Wii. Wii is the console you turn to when you have actually have good friends over.

That’s merely speaking about multiplayer games, however. The Wii does not let down with its solitary gamer experiences either. With renowned video games like the Legend of Zelda collection as well as Super Mario Bros. video games, the Wii draws of favorite video game after favorite game even though it’s not making use of an HDMI wire to attach itself to the back of your TELEVISION. In fact, the retro styled graphics that Nintendo creates  have excellent appeal with players that matured on the 8 and also 16-bit systems. Absolutely nothing invokes warm memories like the bleep bloop songs and also classic graphics of the NES or SNES as well as the Wii.

Now discussing a few of the points various other gaming consoles may make, Xbox as well as the Playstation 3 could put out superb top quality video games too, with first-rate graphics to boot. Individuals appear like people and also settings are frequently larger than life.  There’s 2 issues I have with this, however. Frequently a game is hyped on its “realistic look” or its high intensity graphics. So much time is invested in the graphics that the games themselves just aren’t that great overall.

Basically: don’t count the Wii out just due to the fact that it’s not dropping Blu-ray high quality graphics in its titles. While a game with high powered graphics can frequently have great gameplay as well, make sure to consider your options as well as read testimonials thoroughly. If you count out a game (or the Wii in general) due to the fact that its graphics don’t look like stellar, you could be missing out on a lot of terrific video games.


I like great graphics in my video games as much as anyone else.  The reality is that some of us older school gamers prefer the simpler graphics that come on games such as those found on the Super Mario Bros. series.

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